The Best Hotels in Copper Canyon


Dare to embark on this great journey on the Chepe Train and stay in the best hotels in Copper Canyon.

Is there a big difference between staying in one hotel or another?

Imagine going all the way to Copper Canyon to see the mountains and not seeing anything because your hotel doesn’t have a view of the Canyon. Yes! There is definitely a big difference.

Copper Canyon in Chihuahua is an area known as the Tarahumara Sierra. It is known by this name because of the copper color that can be appreciated in them at sunset.

Enjoy your trip by staying at the best hotels in Copper Canyon. Your experience will be much better if you stay at one of these Copper Canyon hotels.

The complete journey requires you to spend at least one night in one of the incredible places that we present to you below.

Hotel Mirador in Copper Canyon at Divisadero

hoteleus hotel en barrancas del cobre hotel mirador

This hotel is the right one if you really want to enjoy the view and height of Copper Canyon.

It is located right on the edge of the canyon very close to its highest point and with a spectacular landscape surrounded by pine trees and lots of nature.

It has won various awards such as one of the best hotels in the world to see the stars and named Room with a View by Conde Naste Magazine, which gives your stay much greater value.

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It has five different types of rooms, each with multiple amenities that will make you enjoy to the fullest the moments you spend there. Let yourself be conquered by the beautiful sunset from its terrace or from the balcony of your room.

The cool autumn nights will allow you to enjoy a good coffee with one of the most beautiful views that Mexico has to offer.

Hotel Quinta Misión in Creel

hoteleus hotel en barrancas del cobre creel quinta mision

This hotel offers a totally ecological concept that includes adobe interiors, rainwater collection, and solar heating. It is located in the center of Creel and is a 4-star hotel.

The architecture has a colonial style and it has warm and comfortable rooms. The establishment is located two minutes’ walk from the Creel train station and a few blocks from bars and restaurants.

All rooms are suites and are well equipped with a living room, dining room, and kitchenette. It also has parking and an excellent restaurant.

The hotel provides free Wi-Fi so you can stay in constant communication with your loved ones.

From this hotel, you can visit the Mushroom and Frog Valleys, visit Lake Arareko, and the authentic Tarahumara Cave.

Hotel Posada del Hidalgo in El Fuerte

hoteleus hotel en barrancas del cobre el fuerte

This Hotel in Copper Canyon is a great option, it is located within a colonial mansion museum in Sinaloa. It was the Mansion of Don Rafael Almada, the wealthiest man at that time in the area.

It was built just below the old fortress or former fort built by the Spanish conquistadors in 1564, it is believed to have been the original site where the young Diego de la Vega alias ‘El Zorro’ was born.

Among the many amenities that we can find in this hotel is the pool, tavern, bar, restaurant, hot water hydrotherapy spa, and a meeting or convention room.

Most of the rooms have high ceilings, Amapá wood beams, and two-story balconies as they are the original bedrooms of the mansion. The more recent style rooms face the garden and are equipped with air conditioning, bathrooms, 2 double beds, or king beds.

Among the activities, you can go on Rafting Tours on the Fuerte River, visit Mayan indigenous villages, and historical walks to learn about the legend of Zorro.

Best Western Plus The Lodge in Creel

hoteleus hotel en barrancas del cobre best wester at logde

Enjoy your stay at this hotel in Copper Canyon, all rooms are wooden cabins that have gas fireplaces, private porches, and cable TV and movie channels.

They have a setting of wooden cabins decorated with exquisite taste and the warmth of traditional mountain accommodation with a touch of elegance, which will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Misión Cerocahui in Bahuichivo

hoteleus hotel en barrancas del cobre mision cerocahui

This hotel in Copper Canyon is located in the heart of the Sierra Tarahumara in Chihuahua. The beauty of the great mountains, vast valleys, and a wide variety of nature allows you to enjoy one of the main natural attractions, Urique Canyon, the largest in North America and just a few minutes from the hotel.

Misión Cerocahui is located in what used to be a vineyard, right next to it, you can find the Mission Church founded by Jesuit missionaries, along with its altar dating from 1750 and is kept in perfect condition. Remember to ask for a tour of this beautiful vineyard and don’t forget to try their wines!

In this wonderful place, you can take walks to Cerocahui waterfall, visit the viewpoint of Cerro del Cañón de Urique, which is important for the most incredible and magnificent view of Copper Canyon open to the public, and just below is the old mining town of Urique.

Hotel Barrancas del Cobre

hoteleus hotel en barrancas del cobre posada barrancas

Stay at a hotel in Copper Canyon just five minutes from Adventure Park, which is well known for its wide variety of activities. This hotel contains all the amenities that every traveler needs, you will be in the ideal place to enjoy your stay in this wonderful place.

The rates are very competitive and offer the additional benefit of using the facilities of Hotel El Mirador and Balderrama Collection as they are located approximately 200 meters away.

This hotel has two types of rooms, a single and double with garden view; in total, it has 23 rooms with decorations of a Mexican hacienda.