Exploring the Flavors of Copper Canyon


Diving into the vast and rich Mexican culture is an experience that goes beyond its historical monuments and impressive landscapes. Today, we will discover what to eat in the Copper Canyon, in the heart of Mexico. The journey aboard the Chepe train offers a unique opportunity to explore not only the spectacular landscapes of the Sierra Tarahumara but also to delight in an exquisite variety of flavors that characterize the diverse regional cuisine of the country. From rugged mountains to fertile valleys, each stop along this iconic railway journey presents a new opportunity to discover the authentic aromas and flavors of Mexico.

The best option for this trip is to book a Chepe train travel package, with specialized tours aboard the Chepe Train that covers all of the Copper Canyon from Chihuahua to Los Mochis.

Let’s Recap a Bit about the Copper Canyon.

Let’s briefly review the wonders of the Copper Canyon. This system of canyons, located in northern Mexico, gets its name from the characteristic coppery color they acquire at sunset. It constitutes the longest and most extensive canyon system in America, even surpassing the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

In the heart of the Sierra Tarahumara, this impressive landscape harbors a diversity of cultures and culinary expressions that deserve to be explored during a journey aboard the Chepe Train. Next, we will focus on what to eat in the Copper Canyon. However, it is important to note that some places, like the Mirador Hotel, include meals in their reservations, adding a unique gastronomic experience during your stay in this magnificent place.

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And we’re not referring to the state as a whole, but to its capital, Chihuahua. Here, the food you can’t miss includes “machacado con huevo,” a delight made with shredded dried meat mixed with egg, as well as wheat flour “gorditas” that you can fill with various stews.

Additionally, you can’t miss the “asado de puerco con chile,” a tasty and comforting dish that will delight your palate with its blend of flavors. Remember also that emblematic elements of Chihuahua’s gastronomy include burritos, “montados,” “machaca,” and “chile chilaca.”

Don’t forget that wheat flour tortillas are an omnipresent element in northern Mexico, and we suggest trying them at every stop you make. And if you have the opportunity, be sure to take some with you to prepare delicious meals at home when you return. And we can’t forget to mention the experience of eating in the Copper Canyon, where you can taste typical regional dishes framed by the impressive landscape of this natural treasure.

What to eat in the Copper Canyon and the Chepe train


Upon arriving in the charming Magical Town of Creel, a memorable experience begins aboard the Chepe Express Train. If you opt for the direct trip to Los Mochis, I recommend purchasing First-Class tickets and indulging in the cuisine of the Urike Restaurant, located inside the train and run by the renowned Mexican chef Daniel Ovadía, famous for his restaurants Nudo Negro and Peltre.

At Urike, you’ll have the opportunity to taste an exquisite selection of dishes, such as shrimp and scallop “aguachile,” poblano chili soup, charcoal-grilled rib eye, breaded shrimp tacos, and much more.

However, if you decide to explore the charm of Creel, I suggest trying an authentic shredded beef burrito, a marinated loin “montado,” and, of course, the grilled meats, which are true local delights.

You can’t leave without trying “tejuino,” a refreshing regional drink made from corn that will surely conquer your palate.

Another aspect to consider is dairy products: between Chihuahua and Creel, there are Mennonite communities that offer a wide variety of cheeses that you shouldn’t miss. And if you’ve already brought wheat flour tortillas with you, the combination will be simply irresistible. Explore the unique flavors offered by every corner of the Copper Canyon and enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience during your trip!


At the Divisadero station, a colorful market of food and crafts unfolds, where you can delight in authentic local flavors. From delicious burritos to gorditas filled with strips, meat, or beans, here you can taste the true flavor of local hands, a culinary experience that reflects the very essence of the Copper Canyon.

In the heart of these imposing canyons, right next to the Barrancas del Cobre Adventure Park, is the Tonari restaurant, with its characteristic glass floor that offers you a unique view of the landscape. While you wait for your friends or rest after an exciting zip line experience, you can enjoy a refreshing ice cream, an aromatic coffee, or a local beer. Additionally, the restaurant offers a variety of à la carte dishes, from comforting chilaquiles to other regional delights.

The cuisine in this region resembles that of the central state, highlighting ingredients such as chilies, meats, and the ubiquitous wheat flour tortillas, which form the basis of many of its dishes.

At the Mirador Hotel, located in the heart of the Copper Canyon, you’ll have the opportunity to taste exquisite dishes made with homemade sauces, fresh fish, and regional vegetables, at its specialized restaurant.

You can’t miss trying local drinks, such as “sotol,” an alcoholic beverage with Designation of Origin that is characteristic of the region and deserves to be tasted in moderation to appreciate its authentic flavor.

As you progress on your journey, you may want to make a stop at the Jesuit Mission in Cerocahui, a historical and cultural destination that perfectly complements the culinary and tourist adventure in Copper Canyon.

Gastronomic dishes at Cerocahui Mission

Here you will find a vineyard, and you can taste the wines made in this area. Chihuahua has two predominant climates. The Mediterranean climate in the Cerocahui area will be perfect for wine grape production (Vitis vinifera), and therefore, you can get to know and taste their wines.

The Journey Continues and El Fuerte is the Next Stop.

Upon arriving in the Magical Town of El Fuerte, you enter a world of Sinaloan flavors that you can’t miss exploring. Among its tourist attractions, the exquisite “lobina” stands out, a typical fish of the region that is presented in various ways, from fresh fillets to the popular “chicharrón de lobina,” an irresistible delight for food lovers.

Here is where Sinaloan gastronomic art begins, with a wide variety of dishes that will delight your palate. From traditional “machacas” and “chilorios” to tasty “colachis,” “picadillos,” and broths with chilies and meats, each bite is a culinary experience that brings you closer to the authentic essence of the region.

You can’t miss the opportunity to taste these delights while exploring the historical and cultural charms of El Fuerte. Additionally, don’t forget that part of the experience of visiting this Magical Town also includes enjoying local cuisine in its restaurants and street stalls. And if you have the opportunity, don’t miss the experience of eating in the Copper Canyon, where you can taste a variety of regional dishes while admiring the impressive landscapes surrounding this unique destination in Mexico.

Los Mochis

Now, probably the end of the journey. Here you have “frijoles puercos,” a delicious “chilorio,” pork tamales, or some corn soup.

Since we’re near the Pacific, you can find huge shrimp, “aguachiles,” ceviches, marlin, and crab prepared Sinaloa style. You can also find the famous “pescado sarandeado,” a specialty in Los Mochis!

Food in the Copper Canyon with chicken

There you have it! We’ve completed one of the great journeys in the north that everyone wants to do! Discovering the Copper Canyon from Chihuahua to Los Mochis. From the Chepe train, we were able to discover its cuisine and thus arrive in Sinaloa bite by bite.

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