FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Chepe Train


These are the Chepe train frequently asked questions by our customers. We have helped more than 17,000 passengers make this journey. I made this publication for future travelers to have it as a reference and to help them plan their trip.

What are the categories of the Chepe Express Train? And briefly describe each one.

First Class Chepe Express Train

This is the highest class on the Chepe Express train. The maximum passenger capacity is 96 passengers. It has a Dining Dome and food is included in the Urike Restaurant on long stretches. It has exclusive access to the train terrace and bar.

Business Class Chepe Express Train

This is the intermediate category of the Chepe Express Train. It has a capacity of up to 240 passengers. Access to the Urike restaurant with a la carte food not included. It also has access to the bar, but not to the train terrace.

Economy Class

It is the lowest class of the Chepe Express Train. It has a capacity of 192 passengers. Access to food not included in a small restaurant.

What are the attractions of the Adventure Park?

The main attractions are the following:

  • Cable Car – Accessible to everyone, including seniors. It is a car that travels on a cable between the Copper Canyon.
  • Zipline Circuit – Fly through a circuit of 7 ziplines crossing the hanging bridges of the Copper Canyon.
  • Zip Rider – A zip line over 2.5 kilometers long. It is one of the largest zip lines in the world.
  • Vira Ferrata – The most adventurous and brave can do this circuit that includes jumping on a liana between ravines, rappel, climbing and tightrope.

What is visited in the tour around Creel?

Lake Arareko, the San Ignacio Mission, the Tarahumara caves and the valleys of rock formations: Valle de las Ranas, Valle de los Hongos and Valle de los Monjes.

Duration of ground transportation from Chihuahua to Creel

Approximately three and a half hours.

Tour recommendations

Visit https://hoteleus.com/en-us/tours-copper-canyon and find the latest and best tours to the Chepe train and the Copper Canyon.

What is the most complete tour for the destination?

The most complete tour starts in Chihuahua and ends in Los Mochis or vice versa. It has a minimum duration of 6 days.

What days does the Express train from Los Mochis to Creel and from Creel to Mochis depart during low season?

You have to be up to date! Schedules and departures change. Current news and schedules can usually be found on Chepe’s official website. But it is constantly out of date. Ask Hoteleus travel agents.

What type of ground transportation is used on our tours?

It depends on the destination within the tour and the number of passengers. All

How are seats on board the Chepe train assigned?

Train tickets have a randomly assigned car and seat. These are automatically assigned at the time train tickets are issued.

What are the dynamics of the transfers between the train station and hotels?

When you arrive at the Chepe train stations you will find that there are representatives from the hotels we have reserved for you, waiting for your arrival to transfer you to the hotel.

Getting from your hotel to the Chepe train stations works in a similar way. The hotel staff or the assigned transfer driver will be waiting for you at the hotel reception at a pre-arranged time to transfer you to the train station.

What are the differences between the hotel options in Chihuahua that we offer?

The differences between the Ramada Encore Hotel and the other lodgings in downtown Chihuahua (Quality Inn) are location and modernity.

Regarding location. Being in the center of Chihuahua makes it easy to visit the traditional tourist attractions. The advantage of the Ramada Encore Hotel is that it is located in a modern commercial area with excellent nearby restaurants and access roads.

Regarding modernity. Hotels in downtown Chihuahua are located in older buildings. As a result, it is common for some clients to complain about the maintenance of hotels in downtown Chihuahua.

The Ramada Encore Hotel is a relatively new hotel with no maintenance problems.

Any recommendations for dining and tasting Chihuahua’s gastronomy?

There are several! Chihuahuan food is delicious and you can taste it everywhere. A particularly famous restaurant is La Casona. La Casona is located downtown on Aldama No. 430 and Ocampo, Chihuahua, two blocks from the Museum of Sacred Art and the Main Square.

Mochomos, is very close to the Ramada Encore Hotel. If you like meat this place will make you fall in love.

Finally, we recommend you learn a little about the wines of Chihuahua. Chihuahua wines have won international awards and very few people know it.

What is the stretch with the best views aboard the Chepe train?

The section from El Fuerte station to Divisadero or vice versa.

What are the best seasons to travel to Barrancas?

It depends on the type of landscape you want to find. In winter you can find snow; in spring and early summer you will find a drier climate; from late summer to early winter you will find a wetter landscape.